SCHAPPY — 22. November 2005, 22:59

Why to use IE?

Frequently, people ask theirselves for alternatives browsing the net. However, this should not be a decision help. It is only a hint, why to keep the omniscient Internet Explorer running on Windows systems. The answer is simple, the integration of the Internet Explorer is higher than most people think. See the following picture, I gathered some days ago, when an inconsistent system produced the following error message opening the device manager.
Windows device manager based on IE technology
That’s also the reason why Bill’s crew tries to keep IE integrated in future versions of Windows. Almost everything is based on IE technology – frightening.


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  1. Comment by grundprinzip @ 22. November 2005, 23:03

    But dont be scared, there is already an extension for our lovely Firefox to embed the IE in the Firefox.

    What You dont beleive me?

    Have a look at the developers page.

  2. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 22. November 2005, 23:14

    Great idea,

    but believe or not, I’ve searched for this solution some times, when a I has to use the internal IE to access windows update pages or bad equivalent pages 🙂 – Although, this firefox extension scares me at the first glace, I will give it a try to suppress IE necessity for updating Windows systems.

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