SCHAPPY — 22. November 2005, 23:07


Recently, I started to work on a small internationalization (i18n) project for a customized php education solution. That’s not the only reason, but might be one reason, why I decided to write postings in English. Maybe, this is only a contemporary decision, but I’ll try my best… More about i18n if applicable.


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  1. Comment by grundprinzip @ 24. November 2005, 20:13

    Finally I managed to place a comment here. Why ever this didnt work from my office…

    The market for PHP bases i18n solutions is big but even though there exist some small packages. And one of them derived from my own work. Maybe you can just have a look at it on PHP Classes. Perhaps this helps you to get some interesting ideas how to solve your problem…

  2. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 25. November 2005, 1:11

    Thanks a lot for that hint. However, the interface description and the according presentation has already been released this week. Some more details about the according project. A more-or-less new approach for recording lectures offers their contents on demand via video streams including desktop and presentational desktop – I think you know, what I am talking about. The prior owner and initiator of that project decided to redesign the current webpage, which offers lectures for students and selected users.
    Although a lot of solutions already exist, the aimed solution should be somehow individual, thus no copy-and-paste or reusage of other moduls should be used. Furthermore, the conceptional paradigmn is already decided – it consists of two lookup-dictionaries. One for static 100%-needed system purposes (so-called system dictionary). The other one contains document objects (objects means a more detailed view of document), such as lecture descriptions, additional scripts, news, etc.
    Those both dictionaries are accessed via an abstraction layer for databases (adodb). users will get multiple access methods to those dictionaries. Some buzzwords: singleton translator object, language factoring, multi-modal document access via unique ids, and mutiple access-methods for system translations.
    I hope you got an impression on what is to do.

  3. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 25. November 2005, 1:15

    I’ve forgot some interesting solutions I’ve read about. It’s called gettext for php and works equivalent to its *nix reference implementation. However, it extends gettext functionality to php and stores its translation in a MySQL database. That is one of my prefered solutions, because gettext is pseudo-standard for translation purposes. But it does not offer any possibility to integrate localization (l10 – another buzzword) for date, time, and decimal representation of SI-units. This is another aim of the aforementioned solution…

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