Archives: December, 2005

SCHAPPY — 12. December 2005, 21:23

T-Com online billing

Great new worm stuff abusing the German T-Com logo and links. Thus a lot of German recipients will open the infected attachement containing the billing zip archieve – what a fun at the end of the year. I think a freaky script kiddy wants to create its own x-mas present, really boring…

SCHAPPY — 10. December 2005, 22:13

Bet, that…

All right, perphaps you know the German TV show “Wetten, dass…”, i.e. a live show mixing bets of ordinary people and some extraordinary guests. However, zapping around makes me stop there for about 30 minutes and I was shocked. Because great guest were coupled with this bad show program. After doing some stupid questions the […]

SCHAPPY — 5. December 2005, 0:59

Investigation on NWDS

What’s the problem about the NetWeaver Developers Studio (NWDS) ? It is running Eclipse 2.1.2 and the CVS plugin is reasonable disabled by default. However, if you are not able use SAP’s own Design Time Repository (DTR) and you have to use CVS what will you do? One simple way is to use 3rd party […]