Archives: January, 2006

SCHAPPY — 30. January 2006, 1:06

Nice translation

Finally, I’ve laughed a lot today. After, visiting a automatically translated knowledge article on The following image should make some German speaking reader laugh, because noone will know, what this knowledge article deals with.

SCHAPPY — 29. January 2006, 22:31

Berlin’s central station

It’s 2006, Germany got the FIFA world championship in football and the “Deutsche Bahn” is looking forward to finish the most important building project. Withing the last few years the “Lehrter Bahnhof” has been rebuilded to be the crossing point for trains all over Berlin city. The public transport “S-Bahn” as well as the local […]

SCHAPPY — , 21:31

On vacation…

What would you expect, when reading a article with the given title? Yeah, you are right, summer, sun, long walks on the beach and so on. However, this produces for ME work. Because people are important, really important, thus they want to let know each of its people in the daily mail correspondence that they […]

SCHAPPY — 16. January 2006, 9:45

The daily fight for a seat

8h15, Jan 16th: Outside temperature approx. -5°C, clear sky, no rain, no wind, it’s only cold as it has been for days. However, it’s Monday morning and a lot of people decided to leave their warm houses to get to – I assume – work. Although the train contains at least as much bags as […]

SCHAPPY — 14. January 2006, 15:33

Recently at the optician

Friday, 7.30pm, Fielmann: Instruction for visitors: “We redecorate this branch, thus you’ll find us in another branch, 100 m left!” After walking to the temporary branch, waiting for minutes the next step was checking my vision. However, after the computed pre-result, this time I’ve got the printed results just for waiting… Reading those results makes […]

SCHAPPY — 13. January 2006, 11:33

All do cook with hot water…

Last time seaching the SAP Developer Network (SDN) and waiting for minutes for any matching result I decided to drink (at least) some cups of coffee. Coming back from the coffee kitchen I was just in time to see my monitor switching to my new search result. But whow – what a great result I’ve […]

SCHAPPY — 10. January 2006, 2:07

Firefox 1.5 Beta?

Recently, the firefox crew offered a new version of its browser doing a large version jump to 1.5. Sound great, but some new problems are included. To prevent stressing client systems scripts are for responding, it includes server-side as well as client-side scripts. If no output is created for about ten seconds a trap is […]