SCHAPPY — 10. January 2006, 2:07

Firefox 1.5 Beta?

Recently, the firefox crew offered a new version of its browser doing a large version jump to 1.5. Sound great, but some new problems are included.

To prevent stressing client systems scripts are for responding, it includes server-side as well as client-side scripts. If no output is created for about ten seconds a trap is triggered offering the user a decision possible to interrupt the currently running script or give it another try. However, this is a more comfortable way to prevent system starvation instead of killing the running application. But, uploading a file containing some hundred kilobytes such as zip archives and postprocessing them via php on the webserver takes even some more time. This will result in stressing the user instead of the system. Because, after given the script another try, the decision will be triggered periodically. If anyone knows the configuration attribute to change the responding timelimit, please let me know asap.
However, I know a possible solution would be to flush some output each second to prevent this situation. But this is almost impossible, when using a template engine such as smarty without producing additional page reload which whould stop prior script invocations.

To mention another interesting problem (not new): Popup windows created by firefox can be ignored, by clicking in the background – the active window will change immediately back to firefox. I think it is not intended, because it is mandentory to give an answer. Furthermore, mouse events on popup windows are redirected to the displayed website, thus unexpected behaviour may be provoked and could be used for unintended actions. This may be a problem in the internal extension handling, because I am not sure if this behaviour currently works on all firefox-own popup windows.


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  1. Comment by schmidt @ 10. January 2006, 11:39

    I would suppose that one of the timers shown, when using about:config and filtering for “time”, will be the one you are looking for. Unfortunatly I’m neither able nor willing to test it on my own. 😉

  2. Comment by schmidt @ 29. March 2006, 21:09

    Ich glaube ich habe eine Antwort gefunden (Besser spät als nie):

  3. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 29. March 2006, 22:30

    Thanx a lot, that seems to be the solution: set the property dom.max_script_run_time from its default value 5 to a higher value, e.g. 20 as suggested. One way to access the properties is to type about:config in the URL field or to edit the property file in the Mozilla Firefox specific application directory (in documents and settings).

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