SCHAPPY — 16. January 2006, 9:45

The daily fight for a seat

8h15, Jan 16th: Outside temperature approx. -5°C, clear sky, no rain, no wind, it’s only cold as it has been for days. However, it’s Monday morning and a lot of people decided to leave their warm houses to get to – I assume – work. Although the train contains at least as much bags as passangers. And those bags get a dedicated seat, thus one woman sits with a amount of bags covering four places and the sourrunding floot.
It seems to be much more traffic this morning, because the whole platfrom at the train stop was crowed with people, especially with people with faces I’ve never seen before around this time.
And then the train operator louds the speaks with his warm voice, telling us to be patient, because of overloaded train tracks! – Please no comments about _overloaded_ tracks, however this may be possible, it is at least possible in good old Germany.
However, another funny word from the DB-slang is _On-the-way-stops_ (original “Unterwegsbahnhöfe”) – it is an insider joke, thus don’t care if you cannot laugh about it…

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  1. Comment by schmidt @ 16. January 2006, 10:45

    I have to admit, that i stumbled upon this phrase as well. Where do they get these words from. Is there a special division in the Bahn-Tower that invents new words that nobody ever heard of before?

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