SCHAPPY — 4. February 2006, 13:31

FBF vs. T-Net Box

Initial scenario: Siemens Gigaset 4135 (or any other ISDN-compliant) phone contains two external, i.e. handles by the telephone providers switching center, call redirections installed.

  • Immediately call redirection to a cellular phone is enabled, if noone is in office.
  • Delayed call redirection to an answering service called T-Net Box, if all persons are busy or you are calling during closing times.

After installing the AVM Fritz Box Fon (FBF) activating external call redirections will fail. The FBF offers possibilities to enable call redirections via its web-frontend only for analog phone one ports 1-3, but not for ISDN-compliant phones.
However, in the given scenario it is essential that the T-Net Box feature has to be activated by an external redirection, otherwise the call could not be indentified to be recorded or not.

The solution: Create in the ISDN-compliant phone a macro containing the following code: *61*destination*MSN#, for the T-Net Box it has to be *61*08003302424*MSN#, whereas MSN is the member’s subscriber number to be redirected. This enables a delayed call redirection on net side, i.e. this macro is tunneled to the telephone provider to enable an external redirection. The original immediate call redirection is now changed to be an internal (change phone settings).

To disable the appropriate call redirection you have to add an additional macro *61**08003302424*MSN# or shorter *61**# to disable ALL redirections for all MSNs.

It is possible to change the *61* to *21* to enable a immediate external call redirection or to *67* to enable a call redirection if MSN is busy.

Be aware, that the phone dials exclusive characters such as “*” and “#” otherwise you will be connected to a phone partner.

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