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SCHAPPY — 29. March 2006, 22:52

openBC – not connected

Almost everyone knows Xing (formerly known as the openBC) (if not, you should know it now), a virtual internet platform for contacts and events. However, this platform has been increased rapidly and so the creators try to make (even more) money. In its early days, everything was for free – a great idea was used by […]

SCHAPPY — 18. March 2006, 20:29

Missing notes & time in Powerpoint

I use the presentation view of PowerPoint during my presentations for years, but yesterday I was shocked. Starting the presentation does not show the expected presentation view. It consists of a list of slides on the left side and the current slide in the middle underlined with the current slide notes and a consumed time […]

SCHAPPY — 15. March 2006, 23:35

Informatics Year – Science Year 2006

You may have recognized the new logo on top of the blog. It is part of an advertisement for the informatics year 2oo6 in Germany. During this year a lot of events concerning informatics, it, and topics dealing with the computer science topic in common are planned all over the nation. It should wake up […]

SCHAPPY — 12. March 2006, 1:39

My publicons profile

In response to this article, here you can see my publicons profile. My wishlist: SAP Java Trillian Bachelor / Master of Science FritzBox / MIPS …

SCHAPPY — , 1:14

Impressions form the CeBIT

On March, 9th, I had got the possibility to present a project on the CeBIT. It is an international fair for products of the IT sector in Hannover. With the current slogan “Join the vision” the expectation for the visitors are defined higher than before. But it does not overcome the problem that this year […]