SCHAPPY — 12. March 2006, 1:14

Impressions form the CeBIT

On March, 9th, I had got the possibility to present a project on the CeBIT. It is an international fair for products of the IT sector in Hannover. With the current slogan “Join the vision” the expectation for the visitors are defined higher than before. But it does not overcome the problem that this year a lot of large exhibitors withdraw their announced exhibition stands, e.g. Apple. However, here are some impressions from the complete fair. Although the German weather – a mixture of snow and rain – does not support high visitor numbers, almost all halls were visited frequently. Therefore, many innovations on the IT sector were presented. But, not only technical interested people are welcome. With a lot of interesting shows and events a wide spectrum of the audience has been addressed.

Arcor presents five times the day (11h00, 12h30, 14h00, 15h30, 17h00) a gymnastic show in combination with a new female pop star in pavilion 33 (right beside the concurrent with the pink T). It takes approx. 15 minutes and is presented on a completely darken stage, thus some nice effects with twinkling lights are created. After a long walk this is a great diversion from aches.

Other exhibitors try to catch the visitors interests by provocation – especially the male audience is addressed by the following poster. For readers, that do not get the point, it is an advertisement for a mobile multimedia solution.

After a long, long day with a lot of visions, exhibitor parties are starting shortly after 18h when the entrances get closed. Wherever you are walking, here and there, all peoples try to relax and come down after a stressful day. For crowded dancing you should try to get a ticket for the Freenet party in hall 16-A06 – ask the young girls in green for a invitation, they are able to distribute some of them each full hour.

If you like to watch hot go-go-girls, try to get to the free Tobit party in hall 6-B12, i.e. the stand chancellorette Merkel visited. It is just beside the career quarter. You can get free beer the whole evening for just 2 EUR deposit for the glass.

Last, but not least, if you like to listen some powerful live jazz sounds, you should visit the Netgear stand in hall 13-C58. On the one hand, there is much more space for dancing. On the other hand, the audience is really enthusiastic and gets really fast in the groove.

Ultimately, try to get to the _party_ if you have some free time and interested in top actual IT technique. Try to get rid off almost all your cloths and take all the time you need to get over the fair. Do not hesitate to take rest and go into some more details on stands you are interested in – the most exhibitors try to help you asap. But aware of buying something to drink or eat on the fair, prices are again higher than expected 🙂

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