SCHAPPY — 18. March 2006, 20:29

Missing notes & time in Powerpoint

I use the presentation view of PowerPoint during my presentations for years, but yesterday I was shocked. Starting the presentation does not show the expected presentation view. It consists of a list of slides on the left side and the current slide in the middle underlined with the current slide notes and a consumed time for the presentation. Time and slide notes did not occur although I started to reinstall office.

However, after thinking a lot and searching the Internet without a solution the problem solved quickly. The presentation view can only be activated on systems with an extended desktop, i.e. a second monitor able to be attached to the system and the second monitor is enabled. This option was enabled, but why does it work?! The solution:

The orientation of the second monitor has to be landscape!

My second monitor can be rotated to be used with portrait orientation, thus my graphic card has been set to rotate the output data 90 degrees. However, I did not attach an external monitor, thus I did not mention the useless orientation and the problem occurred – no beamer would support this orientation.
It would be nice, if the manual could be extended with a hint similar to: “The presentation view does not work on extended windows desktops with different orientations or portrait orientation” – it could help!

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