Archives: April, 2006

SCHAPPY — 27. April 2006, 0:27

Keep sent items of MS Outlook private

Imagine the following scenario: MS Outlook with multiple mail accounts and additionally one MS Exchange server. Therefore, you know two options exist: On the one hand, prefer the MS Exchange server and hold all your mails there or on the other hand, keep your local personal folder for mail incoming. But if you only use […]

SCHAPPY — 19. April 2006, 22:33

Money makes the world go round

People often get this impression and a lot of people in the western world have to life with this elemental aspect of the modern world. However, this is not a discussion about the reasonability of monetary payments. Moreover, it is a hint to a newsletter entry. A 64-years old German senior citizen tried to recycle […]

SCHAPPY — 18. April 2006, 22:19


Multitasking is a great invention; however it is only reasonable if you use it with a small amount of opened programs, because all running programs also need additional memory. Therefore, multitasking may slow down systems, especially systems with a small amount of memory. Simply, users forget about the amount of simultaneously running programs and get […]

SCHAPPY — 3. April 2006, 23:24

I just can’t get enough…

I’ve just seen the new spring campaign of Hennes & Mauritz on TV.extended approx. 80 seconds version and a