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SCHAPPY — 30. May 2006, 22:28

Germany’s re-reform of orthography

For some years Germany’s linguists try to reform the out-aged rules for orthography in German written sentences. This involves minor changes such as the replacement of many ß-signs by double s-sounds as well as the unnecessary of many comma signs. This sound like a more easy way of writing and in fact this is often […]

SCHAPPY — , 18:12

Technorati is watching you!

I’d like to introduce shortly technorati to this blog. It is quite a great idea to aggregate data from the fast-switching blogosphere almost in realtime and provides powerfull search capabilities. However, I’m not interested in pushing this tiny clean blog, but in combination with my current investigations on µFormats it is a must-have. This is […]

SCHAPPY — 22. May 2006, 0:14

Steve Jobs about money-making stores

Recently, Apple released their new mac book pro and additionally the latest apple store in lower Manhattan opened on Friday, 19th. May. It is one of the bleeding-edge stores opened 24/7 365 day a year. The intention is to improve user-satisfaction and underline the service-orientation of the Apple philosophy. However, the store also gathers hundreds […]

SCHAPPY — 20. May 2006, 17:48

The Bosshoss in town!

The Beauty of Anger


Artist: The BossHoss

Duration: 6m15s

Created: Sat, 20 May 2006

Category: Music

Actor: Hoss Power

Actor: Boss Burns

Actor: Tina Mc. Ervale

Actor: Johanna Bergel

Another music entry in this blog today, because perhaps the BossHoss will play in Potsdam on July, 21th. 2oo6 – and you should not miss it! Let’s keep the fingers crossed. Thus, watch their current video and decide, whether to hope or not. The video contains a nice story, check it out.
SCHAPPY — , 16:52

My hearth is dancing…

Tanz der Moleküle


Artist: Mia

Duration: 3m54s

Created: Thu, 18 May 2006

Category: Music

After listing this great song by MIA day-by-day, I’d like to give you also the chance to identify this title, the next time you hear it. Here is a MTV-captured music video from May 2oo6. Have phun! – imho, real nice song.
SCHAPPY — 7. May 2006, 22:22

Upgraded FBF 7170.

Finally, it happens. I exchanged my Fritz!Box 7050 with the newer release FBF 7170. And the main advantage, it contains obviously a bit more flash storage. Notwithstanding, it also provides four instead of two LAN-RJ45 ports, an USB port for printer or mass storage provider (accessible via web frontend or ftp) and a real innovation: […]

SCHAPPY — 4. May 2006, 21:31

Good idea / Bad idea

Bad idea: Overtake three cars at once, because they do not get over 40 outside of a closed village and you are down after 2 hours of waiting, exactly in the moment, when the last driver starts its overtake! Good idea: Mentioning that your salesman is an expert for bath articles (as it is printed […]

SCHAPPY — 1. May 2006, 13:56

Fell in Love with an Alien

Be sure, this entry does not have any connections to a Kelly Family topic. It’s a hint for an interview between Harald Lesch and Stephen Koszudowski. You know Harald Lesch, it is the moderator of the science magazine Alpha Centauri on the German TV station BR-alpha and its name I tend to forget occasionally :). […]