SCHAPPY — 30. May 2006, 22:28

Germany’s re-reform of orthography

For some years Germany’s linguists try to reform the out-aged rules for orthography in German written sentences. This involves minor changes such as the replacement of many ß-signs by double s-sounds as well as the unnecessary of many comma signs. This sound like a more easy way of writing and in fact this is often the case. However, in combination with the reform a bunch of new rules and (not really) intuitive rules emerged to simplify more language than it is sensible. Many foreign words are Germanized in a non-linear way.

Let's write the way, WE want to!Why to write about such an endless story? Today, the judges of the Federal Constitutional Court in Germany reject the claim of a private person, who tried to stop the establishment of the new rules in ordinary life. However, too much money has been spent on new school books, software, teaching courses, and so forth, so that no other result would be reasonable. But the given reasons are great: Only pupils, teacher and if applicable attendants in governmental authorities have to write on basis of the presented rules. All remaining people are not legally bind to use the reformed rules. They are legally free to write in the same way they wrote for years. Interestingly, magazine publishers do belong to the latter group of people. Finally, we will read arbitrary combinations of similar words in the magazines, which will result in an overwhelming learning effect for pupils J.

Let’s wait until august, when the re-reformed rules are established and wait for anarchism!

Read more about the topic in the German Newspaper Der Spiegel.

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