Archives: June, 2006

SCHAPPY — 23. June 2006, 22:15

The lynx effect

Spray more, get more, the LYNX effect – watch it! After watching the video you may agree, that the right traffic sign may have helped this guy, eh? 🙂

SCHAPPY — 21. June 2006, 23:51

The short story of a gentle tallyman

Just seen: Sitting in the public transport train. Temperature outside: 30°C. Inside: even higher. A lot of people are falling almost asleep and in this moment some tallymen occurs. All passengers search for its ticket – no fare dodger(s). Boring! But, what is this? A disabled woman in a wheelchair keeps on rummages in her […]

SCHAPPY — 19. June 2006, 0:33

Flight Patterns

Yes, another flight topic in this blog. I’ve found an interesting way of modern art created by Aaron Koblin. He has created a very nice animation showing the airways used by planes each day across North America. By night the number of flights reduces and the busy lines get clearer. Take a look at it! […]

SCHAPPY — , 0:18

Track flights via Google Earth

Recently, I’ve found an additional way to use Google Earth. With the help of some clicks you are able to track flight to and from the US (in the whole FAA area I think). You are also able to track crashed flight’s routes before the National Transportaion Security Boards  (NTSB) releases its report. IMHO, the […]

SCHAPPY — 13. June 2006, 21:53

FIFA World Cup 2006

Currently, the whole life is stamped by the FIFA World Cup 2006. However, many football fans (not me!) are not able to watch the games via Internet (IP-TV or other streams). Nevertheless, real geeks do so using ASCII. They use good old telnet service to provide football games (almost) live. You should try typing telnet […]

SCHAPPY — 11. June 2006, 12:50

Persistence, keep on kvetchin’!

Recently, I’ve read here about an interesting and stressful way of active phone advertising often used by providers of mobile telephony. Call all existing customer with too few telephone sales or few basic fees and offer them additional features to increase the monthly income for this specific customer. Well, what is theproblem with this way […]

SCHAPPY — 9. June 2006, 22:13

METRO Group – new branch opening

The given title of this blog entry is confusing for his blog. Near the train station Berliner Ostbahnhof on the terrain of the former Wriezener Bahnhof a large new shopping mall is getting ready. In addition to the planned do-it-yourself market and a discotheque a mall of the METRO Group has been built. But what […]

SCHAPPY — 5. June 2006, 14:34

Finding relationships via rubhub

During my excessive search for real world usage of microformats I stumbled across the rubhub. This is a search engine for relationships between websites and indirectly for relationships between people based on the XFN standard. XFN is widely supported and offers the possibility to transfer simply social relationships to existing websites. The rubhub is quite […]

SCHAPPY — 4. June 2006, 20:20

Simple Google Search Widget

I was really impressed by yahoo widgets also in the time when it was called Konfabulator. Expecting the exhausive usage of memory resources it extends the daily desktop work quite nice. Recently, I searched for a small widget to put it on the desktop to search the web via google. Because all complex and highly […]