SCHAPPY — 9. June 2006, 22:13

METRO Group – new branch opening

The given title of this blog entry is confusing for his blog. Near the train station Berliner Ostbahnhof on the terrain of the former Wriezener Bahnhof a large new shopping mall is getting ready. In addition to the planned do-it-yourself market and a discotheque a mall of the METRO Group has been built. But what is so curious with this mall? Nothing, eh? The building can be compared to a large shining-blue cube with a yellow METRO label. If you give some more attention to this building, then you would stumble over the building’s roof. On top of the building a fence enclosing a football field exists. Yeah, you’ve read correctly. On top of the METRO building you will be able to play football (and potentially basket ball) if the weather allows this. Although today the FIFA world cup started, I don’t think, that correlate with each other. The METRO building will not be opened before September 2006, as described here. Thus, the combined building use is potentially for teenager quite a good alternative instead of air-conditioning on top of the roof. Additionally, this will look much nicer when Google Earth updates their satellite photos of this area the next time. Furthermore, an imprinted METRO logo on the football field will offer new advertising possibilities!


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  1. Comment by grundprinzip @ 10. June 2006, 14:53

    To small comments:

    1) On top of the building a fence enclosinged a football field exists.

    Sorry for this comment.

    2) I think, that the Google Earth crew will remove all advertisment found on the pictures. I think, I read soemthing about previewing the images and so on. But this will stay only as long, people dont pay for the ads. 🙂

  2. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 10. June 2006, 19:13

    I don’t think that Google Earth or the regional providers of the satellite photos will filter them. On the one hand it will consume a lot of man power and on the other side it will manipulate selective data. Thus, no one will use the pool of available data, because it could also be manipulated.

    However, those advertising concepts already exist and are used partially. One example is the Maxim magazine. This link provides data to navigate directly to the magazine photo visible from space:

    In the desert of Nevada a large photo of the magazine with Eva Longoria on the title has been placed to celebrate the 100th issue of Maxim. Coordinates are: 35°37’12.41″ N, 115°22’58.75″ W.

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