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SCHAPPY — 12. September 2006, 13:38

Phenomenon occured

Just seen on wikipedia. No comments!

SCHAPPY — 10. September 2006, 18:40

Problem: After upgrading spamassassin to 3.1.x mailgraph may no longer log spam mails. Reason: Spamassassin changed its output for logging by adding (a redundant) information — its client app. name. Therefore, the regular expression will not start with the desired text. Solution: — /usr/sbin/ 2006-09-10 00:00:00.000000000 +0200 +++ /usr/sbin/ 2006-09-10 00:00:00.000000000 +0200 @@ -615,7 +615,7 […]

SCHAPPY — 4. September 2006, 22:10


SCHAPPY think before you type — do NEVER try to restart a Thread in Java again! It is never legal to start a thread more than once. In particular, a thread may not be restarted once it has completed execution.

SCHAPPY — 3. September 2006, 13:59

Intel’s Proset gets leaky app!

The Intel (R) PROSet/Wireless Software version has become a leaky application that does not save resources, especially NOT memory. The problem is the s24evmon.exe (ver. which creates handles to the Windows registry in an endless loop. With the increasing number of uptime, the amount of handles increases. The applications runs for approx. three […]

SCHAPPY — , 13:12

It may take a minute or two…

…or even longer to install an application. But why, do applications programmer promise something unpredictable?

SCHAPPY — , 12:40

Having some free time?

If you are able to answer the aformentioned question with YES, then prepare the following.

SCHAPPY — , 2:26

XNA’s Not Acronymed.

Currently MS released an interesting framework for building games for personal computers and xbox systems simultanously. Masters of abbreviations are working hundreds of hours for getting XNA := XNA’s Not Acronymed as THE recursive abbreviation. — How has this invented, eh? — Not the Swiss! Since August, 30th the Game Studio Express Beta is available […]

SCHAPPY — , 1:33

No Strong Name!

Sometimes it is no good idea to translate error messages automatically! Within this category I’ve seen the following message building a large project solution: “No space left of device” means “Kein Weltraum links des Geräts” in German 🙂

SCHAPPY — 2. September 2006, 18:09

Toshiba Power Saver

If you are using the Toshiba Power Saver (or any other software) and you suffer from broken power scheme running Windows you may try this. Open the registry editor and locate the path: HKCU/Control Panel/PowerCfg/PowerPolicies You should find a list of (per default) six additional subkeys numbered 0..5. Those contain the description for the Windows […]

SCHAPPY — , 17:55

I don’t like drunken kids…

… because they are stupid — being unable to control themselves.