Archives: November, 2006

SCHAPPY — 19. November 2006, 18:19

1st. National IT Summit, Dec 18th. 2006 in Potsdam!

Interesting public event in dec. 2006 at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute for IT Systems Engineering, Potsdam, Germany. PR-Guests are: fem. chancellor Angela Merkel, prime minister of Brandenburg Mathias Platzeck, Prof. Dr. Meinel, and many more. Take some time shortly before x-mas and visit Potsdam – get up and involved!

SCHAPPY — 8. November 2006, 23:06

Interesting set-top box pioneer.

Recently, I stumbled over a potentially nice new toy: Thomson IP1101. As the name pretends, it is a set-top box for TV via IP (or IPTV) in an early release produced by Thomson, some more technical details are here available. update: There is already a newer version called Thomson IP1121. An interesting fact: the device […]

SCHAPPY — 2. November 2006, 21:16

Only to name it again…

As I haven’t found it today fast enough, I’ve to write it down here. People suffering from hibernation problem using Windows XP with more than 1 GB RAM should try KB909095 to fix the problem. This fix should only be used, if you really cannot hibernate your system anymore. Symptoms are logged warning in the […]