Archives: December, 2006

SCHAPPY — 26. December 2006, 3:31

How to cache authorized content?

Environment: Apache2.x, mod_cache, mod_*_cache, mod_headers, mod_proxy, mod_rewrite. Problem: As stated here, it is not possible to cache content which is retrieved via authorization by using mod_cache. This is reasonable, but it may be needed to cache also authorizated content, especially if the auth. is done transparent for the user via mod_headers. “4. If the request […]

SCHAPPY — 19. December 2006, 0:00

Bluff package…

RBB (broadcast berlin/brandenburg) participates at the first national IT summit and here is one short article about the event. Interesting is the picture at the top of the page, because the sun angle is too high for winter months. Additionally, the sun only occured for two short moment today and the fountains in the little […]

SCHAPPY — 18. December 2006, 16:49

It summit, panel discussion…

Female chancellor Dr. Merkel is sitting in front of lecture hall two, one of the smaller lecture halls, it is about 3pm. and a lot of press is flowing in the room. That’s exactely the picture when you get in the room. Prof. Meinel introduces all of the ten elected students willing to discussion common […]

SCHAPPY — , 16:41

IT summit, working groups…

Just in time, at 2 p.m. the working group leader came together to present the result of their former work. Moderator Henning Kagermann (SAP) was also involved in the working group internet of services. Interesting is the fact, that all working groups derived a problem in young professionals in IT. Additionally, it is a must […]

SCHAPPY — , 12:11

IT summit, greetings…

After the first impression posted early in the morning, now the first point on the agenda is done and each workgroup is currently doing its work in predefined places. They assimilate multiple rooms all over the HPI building, starting with the library and multiple computer pool rooms where the computers have been removed for place […]

SCHAPPY — , 9:29

IT summit first impression…

Just arrived and now online. As expected many dressed people arrive minute per minute in Potsdam. Expensive black armored cars drive in minute by minute. An enormous amout of people for many different press agencies arrive. Cars with satellite dashes are parked behind the lecture hall. What is the atmosphere like? Some white tents are […]

SCHAPPY — , 9:20

Streams live from the IT summit

Now the official URLS for the live streams of the IT summit are available. Additionally, video podcast will be available through the day via this link.

SCHAPPY — , 2:36

Chancellor Merkel’s statement about the IT summit (pre)

Further Infos around the 1st IT summit on Dec., 18th. are directly announced by Chancellor Merkel in her video podcasts for the current week. The HPI as well as the working groups are mentioned, with their aims and the essential reason for this summit is declared. “The computer has been invented in Germany, but nowadays […]

SCHAPPY — 17. December 2006, 5:01

I’m invited

I got invited to the 1st. National IT summit established by fem. chancellor Angela Merkel. As stated here you should try to get there and I got that chance, thus I am really curious about that manic monday! Interesting to see, what the politician think about new media and what topics appear on the agenda.

SCHAPPY — , 4:56

Searching for tiny place?

If you like to get to such a tiny place, then go to the mensa north of the Humbold University in Berlin near station Friedrichstra├če. The building which has been errected in 1975 has not changed at all within this more than thirty years. A free trip back to this year is included when you […]