SCHAPPY — 18. December 2006, 12:11

IT summit, greetings…

After the first impression posted early in the morning, now the first point on the agenda is done and each workgroup is currently doing its work in predefined places. They assimilate multiple rooms all over the HPI building, starting with the library and multiple computer pool rooms where the computers have been removed for place purposes.

The greeting session was short and individual. The speakers Prof. Plattner, Prof. Dr. Meinel, Miachel Glos, Mathias Platzeck, et al. are very interested in major improvements of the IT world. In the evening some interesting facts about research grants in the upcoming years will be announced.
Many thanks to Matthias Platzeck and Michael Glos for the acknowledgements regarding the Hasso-Plattner-Institute and the initiative of Mr. Plattner himself. Plattner himself announced to be proud of the enrollee rate of 3:1. Nevertheless, he manifests his interest in improving the very low female rate. Platzeck hits the bulls-eye “…because IT System Engineering is one of the best possibilities for female candidates, it is not associated with hard physical work, it is intellectual minted — and that’s one of the capabilities, woman exceed often their male concurrents — and the job agreement is almost guaranteed, if oneself is willing to work for IT
What to say about the location, it was lecture hall one, the largest on of the three available lecture halls in the building. Some people were able to find a seating place, the majority not — I’ve got one šŸ™‚ Many cameras were allocated over the room, the last few seating rows are assigned to technical equipments. After counting more than 10 cameras, I stopped the count.

Lecture hall three is allocated to the press, which buffet and some warm air. Interesting is the fact, that especially female students (which are more than rare) are catched by one camera team after the other. They do a hard job today — thanks!
Remark: During all of those talks the abbreviation ITK and IKT were used synonymously. However, the correct one from my point of view should be IKT which means “Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie” (information- and communicationtechnology).

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