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SCHAPPY — 27. January 2007, 19:29

joomla + open-sef = Multi-site CMS

Currently, I am testing the aforementioned combination for a multi-site content management system. A multi-site CMS is able to handle multiple domains or/and sub-domains remaining on one physical host individually. The mamboo successor joomla! is a great basis for a CMS. Additionally, I decided to use the component open-sef for additional search engine and multi-site […]

SCHAPPY — 7. January 2007, 2:27

Fritz!Box Fon (FBF) + FoIP works better.

Recently I noticed a new firmware for the magic box. After reading the release notes, I mentioned some comments about sending fax messages via Voice over IP (VoIP). Months ago, I tried to use an old external Teledat Eumex 504PC to connect to the FBF’s internal S0-bus. Then I used the integrated ISDN-card of the […]

SCHAPPY — 4. January 2007, 15:03

Just out of the (post)box

An advertisement announcing new opening hours in Germany, thus text is in German: Wichtig! Neue Öffnungszeiten: Mo – Sa: 10 – 21 Uhr * * in allen Bundesländern mit neuem Ladenschlussgesetz (in den übrigen Bundesländern: 10 – 20 Uhr) However, because of exactly one hour more per day this _important_ announcement, okay. However, what about […]

SCHAPPY — , 4:15

Things to do with RFID tags


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Artist: Monochrome

Duration: 4m36

Created: Fri, 29 Dec 2006

Location: 23C3

Category: Arts

Actor: Monochrome

SCHAPPY — , 3:09

Exchange 12 translated!

For insiders only: …the deployment of public folders uses Public Folders.

SCHAPPY — , 1:59

Test RPC connections in Windows.

Because of the incompleteness of wordpress, my article gets again corrupted and lost. Thus, the short version now: Read KB831051 Additional, a nice description for enabling RPC-over-HTTP(s) is given here.

SCHAPPY — 3. January 2007, 4:02

Dynamic keys for Struts resources (i18n).

Problem: Status messages are returned via status codes (int) and localized messages should be retrieved via internationalized resource file in Struts directly in a JSP file (w/o touching a bean). Solution: Expression Language (EL) solves the problem elegant. Excerpt of the [code lang=”Java”]overview.lifeCycleStatusCode=Lifecycle overview.lifecycleStatusCode.1= overview.lifecycleStatusCode.2=Withdrawn overview.lifecycleStatusCode.3=Sent overview.lifecycleStatusCode.4=Approved overview.lifecycleStatusCode.5=Rejected[/code] Excerpt of the according JSP file […]

SCHAPPY — 1. January 2007, 19:24

pydf := df + colored flavour

Cryptic headline? For linux users only. If you’d like to have a more colorful way of presenting your diskfree status, then try out python diskfree. sudo aptitutde install pydf Accordingly to your distribution, try sudo ln -s /usr/bin/pydf /usr/bin/df to make it your default df statement. This works, because of ordering of the $PATH variable […]

SCHAPPY — , 19:17

Happy new year

Now we got it, year 2k7! Is it really seven years ago when computers were faced that horrible Y2K-Bug? Crazy time, wasn’t it? What else to say about the new-born 2007, it ends with a prime number, is not itself a prime-number (3 times 669) and got nine as its checksum. Nothing more. Thus, I […]