SCHAPPY — 4. January 2007, 15:03

Just out of the (post)box

An advertisement announcing new opening hours in Germany, thus text is in German:


Neue Öffnungszeiten:
Mo – Sa: 10 – 21 Uhr *

* in allen Bundesländern mit neuem Ladenschlussgesetz (in den übrigen Bundesländern: 10 – 20 Uhr)

However, because of exactly one hour more per day this _important_ announcement, okay. However, what about starting at 09am instead of 10am.

I don’t like to blame them, because I would rather buy at 9pm, instead of 9am. One important fact, this store decided to change its complete week opening hours identically. Not like other famous stores, such as C&A. Here it is possible that some stores will open until 10pm the whole week and others will only open three days until 10pm and the remaining ones until 8pm (such as Galeria Kaufhof). And all its arbitrary combinations 😉

What is the quintessence of that problem? Each store can decided about its individual opening hours, in fact that is a great point — nothing new with this. But if (especially in walls or centers) some stores close at 8pm and other at 10pm and even mixed on daily-basis, the customer gets confused. She/He has to listen to radio announcements or has to read newspaper advertisements announcing special opening hours AND has to memorize them on store-basis — even NOT on chain store.

In the end, after ending in front of closed doors because of mixed the day of week once or twice, the customer will only try to get in main opening hours. This will result in decreasing amount of customers in the evening hours, which will force most stores to close earlier — vicious circle.

Please use the extended opening hours (also on regular basis)! So it is possible to keep them and ask for consistent opening hours (at least in centers). In some month all federal states will have their individual opening hours, hopefully they will be used.

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