SCHAPPY — 27. January 2007, 19:29

joomla + open-sef = Multi-site CMS

Currently, I am testing the aforementioned combination for a multi-site content management system. A multi-site CMS is able to handle multiple domains or/and sub-domains remaining on one physical host individually.

The mamboo successor joomla! is a great basis for a CMS. Additionally, I decided to use the component open-sef for additional search engine and multi-site functionality. Installation is quick and easy, simply download the current version and upload via administrator’s joomla! backend. Follow the installation instructions, enable the joomla!’s .htaccess by renaming the htaccess.txt in the root directory. Additionally, uncomment the 3rd-party SEF section for URL rewriting. This implies an apache w/ enabled mod_rewrite.

Now you can enable the open-sef component in the backend (via components -> open-sef -> configuration -> basic). Additionally enable open-sef multi-site support (via components -> open-sef -> configuration -> features). A great tutorial for multi-site support can be found here.

Mention, that OpenSEF 2.0.0-RC5_SP2 needs some minor bugfixes.

First problem: the URL rewriting may be compromised, when using a “slash” in the site configuration. Therefore, you should comment line //’base_url’ => ‘Please fill in the Base URL.’ (line 557) in /administrator/components/com_sef/admin.sef.php. This will disable the validation of the base_url field which should not be blank, but it must be empty when using multi-site support.

Second problem: the overrides settings on per multi-site basis are ignored. However, when setting a site offline, all settings are used correctly. This can be fixed by changing the include statement to include_once( ‘configuration.php’ ); (line 222) in components/com_sef/sef.php. This prevents an additional reload of the joomla! configuration after having it already manipulating correctly as done in line 193. Thus the second configuration include should be avoided or can be set to include_once.

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