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SCHAPPY — 22. February 2007, 12:19

Names and rules.

In contrast to the US not any forename is allowed in Germany. A valid forename has to follow some rules, e.g. the cumulative number of forenames per person is limited to five! The mother’s attempt to give its son twelve curious forenames failed 🙂 Read more about it here.

SCHAPPY — 21. February 2007, 0:13

Security is limited by the weakest link.

Taken from: Jim Rymarczyk, Chief Virtualization Technologist, IBM Fellow, Systems and Technology Group, Virtualization Technology Outlook, First International Conference, November 2006.

SCHAPPY — 16. February 2007, 2:46

Safety Instructions — United Airlines

Flying an airplane is hard — so do not become a pilot. Listening to the safety instructions is booring. Thus, become your own artists and act as part of your individual safety instructions. However, with the time the acting abilities improve 😉 Give him a try! [youtube=]

SCHAPPY — , 2:29

The questioning

Okay, no high IQ is needed for this post. But 2006 – 1988 = 20? Or 2006 – 1986 < 20, wtf? If teenagers cannot sleep at night (check the posting time *argh*) and call in a TV gameshow, they should start by CALCULATING their _virtual_ age. My personal tip: currently in Germany it is […]