SCHAPPY — 3. March 2007, 22:35

A theory about performance.

User experience is a real important factor in application development. On the one hand, the user wants to get a fine visual composition. On the other hand, it is mandatory to reply to user action as fast as possible, especially within the first few milliseconds which depends on the task to fulfill. Nevertheless, nowdays application become more and more complex and this is the result for performance declines.

Is this true, eh? Currently, it is not! The majority of developers and programmers turned into a attitude to program in a monotonoues way. The functionality is the important fact, how it is reached does not matters. Hey, and if the function need long execution time, ask your IT for a faster development system or simply wait for some month and cpu frequency increases automatically.

This behaviour is too simple, as developers are not willing to think about their results. They would not even pay for their own work or give any guarantees for the developed software. Is there any other type of engineer out there, that would use resource as careless as software engineers?

Imho, one possible solution is: “Give the developers a really slow development system and let them test their applications with a huge amount of real data, i.e. not testing data!”

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