SCHAPPY — 31. March 2007, 17:38

Google Maps PA – WDF

The routing feature of google maps is brilliant. I’ve been searching for the route from Palo Alto to Walldorf. The estimated returned trip time is about 31 days, thus I was confused and I started to read the detailled steps. With step 29 I got stuck. It says: “Swim through the Atlantic Ocean — 3.462 miles.” Followed by an empty line containing three single dots :). Step 30 continues then with the info “Keep right” and step 31 tells you “to choose the second exit of the traffic circle”. Good luck 🙂



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  1. Comment by schmidt @ 31. March 2007, 18:23

    see also – they state that google is wrong:

  2. Comment by SCHAPPY @ 31. March 2007, 21:10

    I haven’t seen this, but obviously the problem has already been discovered. However, I think this is a funny easter egg by its developers 🙂

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