Archives: May, 2007

SCHAPPY — 30. May 2007, 15:38

Revolverheld in Potsdam

Okay, I have to correct my prior announcement, because of some changes in the timetable. Now we welcome Revolverheld!

SCHAPPY — 29. May 2007, 22:48

Virginia Jetzt in Potsdam

I just received this information: Friday, July, 13th, Virginia Jetzt — Potsdam — Campusfest. Sounds interesting, as this information is already published on the fan website of the band.

SCHAPPY — 27. May 2007, 17:15

Windows Vista = VisualTarnation

You need. Folder A, containing a subfolder B, some files (at least two) in folder A. Try the following: Open your browser, and go to directory A. Select a single file for operation cut (not the last one in the list). Now the associated icon should get somehow different (lighter) in contrast to the remaining […]

SCHAPPY — 18. May 2007, 20:23

Travel search with IQ!

I just figured out, that there was a silent release of the public beta for a new feeling of travel search. TravelIQ is a smart startup located in Germany which wants to bring new ideas to the market of travel search engines. Nevertheless, TravelIQ is not just a travel search, it combines different aspects together. […]