SCHAPPY — 18. May 2007, 20:23

Travel search with IQ!


I just figured out, that there was a silent release of the public beta for a new feeling of travel search. TravelIQ is a smart startup located in Germany which wants to bring new ideas to the market of travel search engines. Nevertheless, TravelIQ is not just a travel search, it combines different aspects together.

Technical TravelIQ is built upon the hype of Javascript flexibility to offer desktop like integration. It is a huge application running in a small browser. Additionally, the Ruby on Rails (RoR) is used to show up the strength of an interpreted programming language combining database and MVC capabilities in an open-source framework. Therefore, TravelIQ will become a proof of concept whether RoR is also able to run demanding web applications.

Beside of the technical aspects, the young team is driven by the desire to offer fair results. The market for online travel services rose for the last years. But a lot of pseudo agencies just provide the best paying travel results and get some money by presenting a bunch of advertisements on their web pages.

TravelIQ is completely free of advertisements and offers the user the flexibility to decide how to rank the search results by their own. When you try to book a desired trip you are redirected to the offering travel agency, airline, hotel provider, etc. Thus, you book without any person in the middle which is trying to optimize his resp. her individual provision.

New key features reduce the time for searching for results and help to achieve the goal of an individual trip in less than ten minutes. Moreover, it is possible to store trips and continue editing later on or move complete trips to any point in time, if you have to replan your summer vacations last minute.

Please keep in mind, that guys have now spent four and a half person years for developing that product and just started to release a public beta version with this tremendous amount of features. The team continues improving their beta by integrating user feedback directly into their development versions. Try it out and provide any feedback to improve this great idea. In near future it seems to be possible to book your individual trip online in some minutes — that’s real last minute.

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