Archives: June, 2007

SCHAPPY — 22. June 2007, 1:54

MS Surface II

And here is an interesting parody of the new MS innovation. [youtube=]

SCHAPPY — 17. June 2007, 12:13

MS Surface

Microsoft presented a new way of human computer interaction (HCI) called MS surface. It is a table that contains a large multi-touch display. The interesting thing is not the display contained in the table, the interesting is again the multi-touch technology. Multi-touch technology enables the user to increases the manipulation rate dramatically. With a traditional […]

SCHAPPY — 10. June 2007, 3:01

Summer Wine

A special German (hessisch) version of summer wine can be found here — funny!

SCHAPPY — 2. June 2007, 11:45

Windows Mobile Device on Vista

Problem: Your Windows Mobile Device does not connect prop. to your Vista system although you have installed the latest version of  the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Solution: Try the following on your mobile device. Start –> Settings –> Connections. Click on the “USB to PC” icon, and deselect the extended network functionalities. By changing […]