Archives: November, 2007

SCHAPPY — 18. November 2007, 23:11

MaxDB recovery

Personal notes: Set database to admin mode: db_cold Clear database log (this is unrecoverable!): util_execute clear log

SCHAPPY — 17. November 2007, 17:29

Mail addresses exclusively for deaf ppl.

I just found the following hint for deaf ppl. on the website of the BMAS. What is the purpose for a dedicated mail address for deaf ppl? Blind ppl. may be reasonable, but deaf ppl. should be able to read and write mails normally, or?

SCHAPPY — 10. November 2007, 20:18

iMapIdle offers Pseudo-Push for iPhone

Here you can find the first approach to bring direct push to the iphone, nice idea! iMapIdle uses the IMAP command IDLE to get notified about new mails…

SCHAPPY — , 19:58

Setup voicemail.

Switch to phone, select keypad, dial *5005*86*1234# to  set 1234 as your voicemail number, which is dialled when clicking the voicemail button in the phone app.

SCHAPPY — 3. November 2007, 17:33

iPhone + Mail Auto Fetch

The on the iPhone provides the setting to autofetch all incoming mails in predefined time intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes. If you want to specify a custom value, you currently can do this only with a small change in the mail settings file. It is more than only changing a cronjob […]