Archives: May, 2008

SCHAPPY — 19. May 2008, 21:21

Firefox Shortcuts

Many of you may know, that when you enter the name of an internet page in the browser’s address field the prefix “http://www.” and the domain-suffix “.com” can be obmited. If you press <strg>+<enter> instead of only <enter> it will be automatically inserted by almost all web browsers. For instances, “google” will be transformed to […]

SCHAPPY — , 18:31

iPhone: SMS delivery notification

European GSM network carriers usally provide delivery notifications for short messages. The according option does not exist until firmware 1.1.4 on Apple’s iphone. I currently even do not know an tool such as SMSD or iSMS enabling this feature. Here come the first days of SMS into play. It is possible to include special GSM […]