Archives: September, 2008

SCHAPPY — 24. September 2008, 15:38

Red Hat + VMWare Converter + ESX Server

I got to migrate an existing Red Hat VM to an ESX Server. Keep in mind, VMWare’s converter is still beta. Some words about the migration. Once you start the migration wizard, ensure the following “Source Data” options: “Select volumes and resize to save or add space”. You must deselect the “Create separate disk for […]

SCHAPPY — 3. September 2008, 9:26

Chrome is here

Google’s new Internet Browser “Chrome” is available. And it is fast — really fast. Tabbed browsing works on process-basis, i.e. each tab runs as an isolated process consuming approximately 20-30 MB of main memory. This may be an evidence for a stable system architecture. Settings are imported seamlessly from existing Firefox profiles. Let’s have some […]

SCHAPPY — , 9:10

Enterprise Applications for iPhones — the new wave

Only a few weeks ago, apple opened its application store offering third-party developers a platform for distributing application. Although the majority of available applications are games, funny applications or even protoypes, there is an increasing number of enterprise applications. Oracle was one of the first vendor of enterprise software releasing an iPhone frontend for its […]