SCHAPPY — 29. November 2008, 17:24

RA-Micro and slow network performance

RA-Micro is a SQL- and file-based data administration solution for jurists. One central server instance is accessed via UNC path in a MS Windows environment using CIFS.

Problem: Opening client documents becomes very slow (at least 30s or more)

Solution: Various of things should be checked on the machine acting as RA-Micro server instance to tune speed.

  • Check enabled network protocols and disable all 3rd party ones, like network monitor, etc. You should only use TCP/IP and the Windows Printer and File Sharing stuff.
  • Disable “Indexing Service” if not absolutely necessary.
  • Disable “NtfsDisableLastAccessUpdate” in the registry to improve cache hits on the connected clients.
  • I used filemon to check for missing files and figured out, that there are various attempts to check for a files, e.g. “32EMAIL.INI” in the folder “BENUTZER”. I just created an empty file to accellerate the file access.

However, although there are approx. 9k files in one client’s folder Word opens in subsecond response time. Now, my weekend is save 😉

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