SCHAPPY — 7. December 2008, 16:47

Extend reiserfs partition with resize_reiserfs

Problem: Need to extend the reiserfs formatted partition /dev/sda2 mounted as /.


  • Get your desired live cd and boot from it.
  • Use cfdisk /dev/sda or fdisk /dev/sda to change partition tables of your disks. First note the start cyclinder of the current parition! Delete the existing partition /dev/sda2.
  • Create a new partition /dev/sda2 with the identical start cylinder (!), in my case toggle the bootable flag and select type 83 (linux).
  • Write all changes back to disk and reboot again with the livecd
  • aptitude install reiserfsprogs
  • resize_reiserfs /dev/sda2

Now you should be done and have a grown reiserfs parition. The same way you are able to shrink your parition.

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