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[Solved] Stuck on sapinst.exe “Start Instance”

Problem: Solution Manager 4.0 SR4 installation succeeded, but during setup step “start instance” the instance is stopped after 10 mins with the following error:

"ABAP processes of instance <SID>/DVEBMGS00 [ABAP: UNKNOWN] did not start after 10:00 minutes. Giving up."

Solution: Check /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS00/work/dev_disp for the following entry
*** DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpMsAttach: local hostname 'hostname' is resolved to loopback address (cf. SAP note 1054467 for details)

Additionally try to run the following:

hostname:~ # su - <SID>adm
hostname <SID>adm 14> niping -v

Hostname/Nodeaddr verification:

Hostname of local computer: hostname                         (NiMyHostName)

Lookup of hostname: hostname                                 (NiHostToAddr)
    --> IP-Addr.:
Lookup of IP-Addr.:                                (NiAddrToHost)
    --> Hostname: hostname.local

Lookup of hostname: localhost                                (NiHostToAddr)
    --> IP-Addr.:
Lookup of IP-Addr.:                                (NiAddrToHost)
    --> Hostname: localhost

If you encounter the above error message and if your hostname resolves to a local loopback IP address you have to check your IP configuration. It is no longer valid to use a local loopback IP for SAP systems. Thus, add a static IP mapping to your /etc/hosts file.

cat /etc/hosts
<your public IP>    hostname

For further details check sapnote 1054467.

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