SCHAPPY — 13. June 2011, 15:18

[SOLVED] Unsupported Display Resolution on External Display (MAC OSX)

Problem: Accidently, some friends of mine changed the display resolution of the Mac Book Air’s external display to an unsupported resolution. Everytime you close the lid, the screen went blank.

Solution: Starting in safe mode (holding shift during startup) and third-party tools did not work. Therefore try the following:

  • login without the external screen attached (keep all other applications closed)
  • Attach external screen, close the lid, the screen should go back blank.
  • Press Alt + F1 keys (this will show up the display preferences window)
  • Press Tab (moves focus to the list of available resolutions)
  • Press Cursor up (changes resolution to the next available)

Now you should see the external display light up. Tested and verified on Mac OSX 10.6.

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