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[SOLVED] Samsung TV channel list cannot be imported due to invalid country code (UExxD6xxx) 6 Series


Trying to import a channel list to a Samsung TV (re-imported) from other country. In my case, I tried to import the German channel list to a UE46D6540 non-German version. Copying the SCM file to an USB stick and trying to import it to the TV results in error message indicating that the corresponding country is invalid. However, in the country settings menu of Samsung TV I can only select some East European counties as well as OTHERS, but not Germany at all. Depending on the country version of your TV it might show up other countries, however not your preferred one in the channel settings.


Please find here a current German channel list (Berlin region) new_channel_list_UE46D6500_1101.scm for a D series TV last updates Jan 2018 for download. After downloading change the suffix to .scm, copy it to an USB stick and import it to your Samsung TV.

If you want to create your own, please follow the following steps.

    • Select OTHERS (OTH) as country in channel settings prior to continue as the remaining instructions build on this.
    • Download your current channel list for country OTHERS (A), e.g. channel_list_UE46D6500_1101.scm, from the TV to an USB stick.
    • Download your preferred channel list (B), e.g. samsung_1101.scm, either from another Samsung TV or from an online service, e.g. from
    • Copy both files to your Desktop and handle them as zipped archive files, e.g. rename either of the files from .scm to and unzip them
  • You should see a file directory as follows

  • The country information is stored in the CloneInfo file. Therefore, you have to copy your original CloneInfo from A to the directory of your desired channel list B.
  • Alternatively, you can also edit the existing CloneInfo using vim, you will find something like this: UED^@UE40D6200^@^@^@^...; the first three letters indicate the country code in inverse order, here it is UED -> DEU for Germany. You want to change it to HTO indicating OTHERS as we selected this as country at the beginning.
  • Now zip the content of the directory of B to new_samsung_1101.scm and copy the file to your USB stick and proceed to import it to your TV.

Finally, the TV will indicate a success notice and after rebooting the TV you should have your desired channel list in action. Hope this helps, have fun!

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