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SCHAPPY — 12. November 2008, 19:39

[solved] sapinst on AIX5.3 does not listen on SAPINST_DIALOG_PORT

Again, solution first — issue is described below 😉 Solution: You should use the latest version of java 1.4.2 (in my case 1.4.2_12). Increase data segment size limit to unlimited by ulimit -d unlimited Issue: starting ./sapinst works perfect, no errors logged, waiting for remote login on ports 21200 and 21212. However netstat -a shows […]

SCHAPPY — , 11:23

[solved] sapinst on AIX5.3 dumps: child … existed with signal 1

Let’s start with the solution, the issue is described below 😉 Solution: Finally I figured out the reason was the Java installation. The issue occurs with Java1.4.2_10. Upgraded to Java1.4.2_12 (64 Bit) and switched $PATH variable. Now system copy works fine 😉 Issue: Trying to do a system copy of a SAP ERP 2005 running […]