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SCHAPPY — 22. May 2019, 11:29

How to recruit good experts?

While investigating some HTTP header fields, I stumbled across the “X-hacker” containing a job posting. Inspiring idea.

SCHAPPY — 21. May 2015, 11:14

[FIXED] After dist-upgrade from wheezy to jessie php scripts are not executed anymore

Situation: I upgraded a debian distribution wheezy to jessie with no significant issues. After upgrading I experienced that some of the already installed and formerly working php scripts stopped working. Content of some included php scripts, e.g. wordpress configuration, were printed as HTML content instead of being evaluated. Reason: The updated php.ini disables short open tags […]

SCHAPPY — 27. January 2007, 19:29

joomla + open-sef = Multi-site CMS

Currently, I am testing the aforementioned combination for a multi-site content management system. A multi-site CMS is able to handle multiple domains or/and sub-domains remaining on one physical host individually. The mamboo successor joomla! is a great basis for a CMS. Additionally, I decided to use the component open-sef for additional search engine and multi-site […]

SCHAPPY — 26. December 2006, 3:31

How to cache authorized content?

Environment: Apache2.x, mod_cache, mod_*_cache, mod_headers, mod_proxy, mod_rewrite. Problem: As stated here, it is not possible to cache content which is retrieved via authorization by using mod_cache. This is reasonable, but it may be needed to cache also authorizated content, especially if the auth. is done transparent for the user via mod_headers. “4. If the request […]