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SCHAPPY — 25. February 2010, 14:03

Wipe blackberry when password is unknown

If you do not know the password of a sparse device, just enter 10 times a wrong password then you will be asked to enter “blackberry” and the device will be wiped automatically.

SCHAPPY — , 14:02

Missing blackberry email setup icon

If the icon is missing to setup additional mail accounts, switch on the blackberry and remove the battery without shutting down the blackberry. Wait 10 secs and plug-in the battery and wait to reboot. Now the icon appears automatically, once the software validation has run independently. Cost me one hour to figure out this hack.

SCHAPPY — 14. January 2009, 13:29

How to wipe Blackberry Bold on FW 4.6

Options –> Security Options –> Common Settings –> IT Policy. Now click the button for the extended menu and select “wipe smartphone”. You’ll have to enter the word ‘blackberry’ to confirm and start the wipe process. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

SCHAPPY — 21. December 2008, 14:58

Blackberry Sync Issues of 3rd party Mail Accounts

Issue: Once you’ve synchronized successfully with your 3rd party IMAP/POP3/OWA-Account and you descide to remove the account from the BES, you may no longer receive new mails for this mail account, after you’ve added it to your BES again. The mail account setup finished successfully, and the first activation confirmation mail received on you mobile […]