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SCHAPPY — 13. July 2015, 12:15

[Fixed] Photos from are not synced through iTunes

Issue: After migration from to in Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.4, photos are no longer synced to mobile Apple devices, e.g. iPod, iPad, iPhone, through iTunes 12.2.0. Solution: Quit any running iTunes instances Open (look into /Applications/ Quit iPhoto, which results in updating the photo library Open Preferences -> General: Click […]

SCHAPPY — 10. December 2008, 16:17

[Solved] Stuck on sapinst.exe “Start Instance”

Problem: Solution Manager 4.0 SR4 installation succeeded, but during setup step “start instance” the instance is stopped after 10 mins with the following error: “ABAP processes of instance <SID>/DVEBMGS00 [ABAP: UNKNOWN] did not start after 10:00 minutes. Giving up.” Solution: Check /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS00/work/dev_disp for the following entry *** DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpMsAttach: local hostname ‘hostname’ is resolved […]

SCHAPPY — 22. October 2008, 16:10

iPhone: Unread SMS messages bug

After some firmware migrations I ended on 2.1 and recognized that my SMS icon shows at least 218 unread SMS messages. I wasn’t able to mark the messages as read, even if I view all of them. I figuerd out, that the problem persists because of an improper update of the sms.db. The database contains […]

SCHAPPY — 3. September 2008, 9:10

Enterprise Applications for iPhones — the new wave

Only a few weeks ago, apple opened its application store offering third-party developers a platform for distributing application. Although the majority of available applications are games, funny applications or even protoypes, there is an increasing number of enterprise applications. Oracle was one of the first vendor of enterprise software releasing an iPhone frontend for its […]

SCHAPPY — 19. May 2008, 18:31

iPhone: SMS delivery notification

European GSM network carriers usally provide delivery notifications for short messages. The according option does not exist until firmware 1.1.4 on Apple’s iphone. I currently even do not know an tool such as SMSD or iSMS enabling this feature. Here come the first days of SMS into play. It is possible to include special GSM […]

SCHAPPY — 10. November 2007, 20:18

iMapIdle offers Pseudo-Push for iPhone

Here you can find the first approach to bring direct push to the iphone, nice idea! iMapIdle uses the IMAP command IDLE to get notified about new mails…

SCHAPPY — , 19:58

Setup voicemail.

Switch to phone, select keypad, dial *5005*86*1234# to  set 1234 as your voicemail number, which is dialled when clicking the voicemail button in the phone app.

SCHAPPY — 3. November 2007, 17:33

iPhone + Mail Auto Fetch

The on the iPhone provides the setting to autofetch all incoming mails in predefined time intervals of 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes. If you want to specify a custom value, you currently can do this only with a small change in the mail settings file. It is more than only changing a cronjob […]