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SCHAPPY — 18. June 2018, 20:00

Generic alternative for WMF2EPS in Windows 10

With Windows 10 WMF2EPS was no longer working for me due to some strange errors installing the printer driver. Therefore, I came up with the following alternative using more or less native Windows essentials. Install any PS printer, e.g. Universal HP PS Driver, and name it “EPS printer”. Configure printer to print to file (menu […]

SCHAPPY — 18. January 2010, 11:42

Migration of Windows settings (Windows-EasyTransfer,migwiz.exe)

I often search the Internet for the Window-EasyTransfer tool to migrate all windows preferences during an upgrade. However, I can’t remember this fancy name and end up in looking for migwiz.exe instead of the name. Thus, I need this reminder entry to make sure, what I am looking for. You can download it for Windows […]

SCHAPPY — 5. March 2009, 12:17

0x0000009c crashes Explorer and Interenet Explorer on Windows 2000

Just got the chance to travel back in time. Yesterday, I checked a Windows 2000 machine (hey copyright Microsoft 1985-1999) with the following issue: Opening a movie or audio media file, e.g. avi, wma, wmv, mpeg, mpg, etc. in the Windows Explorer (and only there, on the desktop it works perfect) pops up a window […]

SCHAPPY — 14. January 2009, 13:29

How to wipe Blackberry Bold on FW 4.6

Options –> Security Options –> Common Settings –> IT Policy. Now click the button for the extended menu and select “wipe smartphone”. You’ll have to enter the word ‘blackberry’ to confirm and start the wipe process. It takes about 15 minutes to complete.

SCHAPPY — 29. November 2008, 17:24

RA-Micro and slow network performance

RA-Micro is a SQL- and file-based data administration solution for jurists. One central server instance is accessed via UNC path in a MS Windows environment using CIFS. Problem: Opening client documents becomes very slow (at least 30s or more) Solution: Various of things should be checked on the machine acting as RA-Micro server instance to […]

SCHAPPY — 29. August 2008, 9:57

AutoCorrect in MS Word 2007

I am a fan of Word’s autocorrect function, typing “ppl” and getting “people”. As Word is also integrated as first choice editor in MS Outlook one benefit from this feature also while typing mails. In Office 2007 the autocorrect function was drastically moved, you can find following these navigation steps: Press the office button (it’s […]

SCHAPPY — 22. June 2007, 1:54

MS Surface II

And here is an interesting parody of the new MS innovation. [youtube=]

SCHAPPY — 17. June 2007, 12:13

MS Surface

Microsoft presented a new way of human computer interaction (HCI) called MS surface. It is a table that contains a large multi-touch display. The interesting thing is not the display contained in the table, the interesting is again the multi-touch technology. Multi-touch technology enables the user to increases the manipulation rate dramatically. With a traditional […]

SCHAPPY — 2. June 2007, 11:45

Windows Mobile Device on Vista

Problem: Your Windows Mobile Device does not connect prop. to your Vista system although you have installed the latest version of  the Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC). Solution: Try the following on your mobile device. Start –> Settings –> Connections. Click on the “USB to PC” icon, and deselect the extended network functionalities. By changing […]

SCHAPPY — 27. May 2007, 17:15

Windows Vista = VisualTarnation

You need. Folder A, containing a subfolder B, some files (at least two) in folder A. Try the following: Open your browser, and go to directory A. Select a single file for operation cut (not the last one in the list). Now the associated icon should get somehow different (lighter) in contrast to the remaining […]