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SCHAPPY — 12. August 2011, 15:05

[Solved] Repeated Character in Vmware remote console

Problem: When typing via an UMTS connection or bad remote line via remote console, it is even impossible to login since credentials will by cryptically repeated. A single key stroke results in multiple characters printed. Solution: Power off the virtual machine. Add the following line to the end of the machine’s VMX file. This specifies […]

SCHAPPY — 29. June 2011, 7:52

How to fix stalled items in

After some crashes of you will finally end in some items shown in only in the client app. Obviously, this happens only when using IMAP or Exchange accounts. However, the traditional solution was to remove the account and recreate them. Since the sync depends on the size of items to synchronize, I was frustrated […]

SCHAPPY — 13. June 2011, 15:18

[SOLVED] Unsupported Display Resolution on External Display (MAC OSX)

Problem: Accidently, some friends of mine changed the display resolution of the Mac Book Air’s external display to an unsupported resolution. Everytime you close the lid, the screen went blank. Solution: Starting in safe mode (holding shift during startup) and third-party tools did not work. Therefore try the following: login without the external screen attached […]

SCHAPPY — 9. November 2010, 8:28


I look for this great tool all few month, but cannot remember its name. It automatically creates iptable entries by screening auth/logon logs to drop attackers and spammers. Recommended to download.

SCHAPPY — 20. September 2010, 8:20

Show progress of dd

If you want to clone logical partitions or entire HDDs blockwise the linux tool dd comes often into play. This is perfect, but after hours of consumed CPU time the question arise: “How to detect the progress of dd?” dd responses to the USR1 kill signal with a statistic output without interrupting its operation. Therefore, […]

SCHAPPY — 7. June 2010, 13:25

Preparing German SIM card for iPad 3G

If you are owning an iPad 3G you’re willing to use with your current data tariff. This involves one hurdle: Apple decided to use a micro SIM card slot instead of the traditional mini SIM cards used. But this is no problem, you need to do some hard work. Aware, this step is irreversible in […]

SCHAPPY — 26. April 2010, 14:07

[Solved] LNCS and \and in author tag => Missing \endcsname inserted

Using LNCS 2.14 template with current hyperref Latex package results in Missing \endcsname inserted. An updated LNCS template has been released in Apr 2010, you can find it here. This fixes the issue.

SCHAPPY — 25. February 2010, 14:03

Wipe blackberry when password is unknown

If you do not know the password of a sparse device, just enter 10 times a wrong password then you will be asked to enter “blackberry” and the device will be wiped automatically.

SCHAPPY — , 14:02

Missing blackberry email setup icon

If the icon is missing to setup additional mail accounts, switch on the blackberry and remove the battery without shutting down the blackberry. Wait 10 secs and plug-in the battery and wait to reboot. Now the icon appears automatically, once the software validation has run independently. Cost me one hour to figure out this hack.

SCHAPPY — 18. January 2010, 11:42

Migration of Windows settings (Windows-EasyTransfer,migwiz.exe)

I often search the Internet for the Window-EasyTransfer tool to migrate all windows preferences during an upgrade. However, I can’t remember this fancy name and end up in looking for migwiz.exe instead of the name. Thus, I need this reminder entry to make sure, what I am looking for. You can download it for Windows […]