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SCHAPPY — 10. December 2008, 16:17

[Solved] Stuck on sapinst.exe “Start Instance”

Problem: Solution Manager 4.0 SR4 installation succeeded, but during setup step “start instance” the instance is stopped after 10 mins with the following error: “ABAP processes of instance <SID>/DVEBMGS00 [ABAP: UNKNOWN] did not start after 10:00 minutes. Giving up.” Solution: Check /usr/sap/<SID>/DVEBMGS00/work/dev_disp for the following entry *** DP_FATAL_ERROR => DpMsAttach: local hostname ‘hostname’ is resolved […]

SCHAPPY — 7. December 2008, 12:25

MAXDB – How to reinstall a corrupted version

Just got a corrupted version of MAXDB and tried to reinstall the entire database by running SDBSETUP. However, the installer runs for hours without any changes. Sometimes errors about already installed versions and missing users/files occured. Thus I decided to get rid of all installed components by hand. On SAP systems (in my case running […]

SCHAPPY — 26. November 2008, 14:06

Where to find SAPLocales?

If you’re looking for saplocales check note 171356 on the Service Market Place.

SCHAPPY — 12. November 2008, 19:39

[solved] sapinst on AIX5.3 does not listen on SAPINST_DIALOG_PORT

Again, solution first — issue is described below 😉 Solution: You should use the latest version of java 1.4.2 (in my case 1.4.2_12). Increase data segment size limit to unlimited by ulimit -d unlimited Issue: starting ./sapinst works perfect, no errors logged, waiting for remote login on ports 21200 and 21212. However netstat -a shows […]

SCHAPPY — 18. November 2007, 23:11

MaxDB recovery

Personal notes: Set database to admin mode: db_cold Clear database log (this is unrecoverable!): util_execute clear log

SCHAPPY — 12. March 2006, 1:14

Impressions form the CeBIT

On March, 9th, I had got the possibility to present a project on the CeBIT. It is an international fair for products of the IT sector in Hannover. With the current slogan “Join the vision” the expectation for the visitors are defined higher than before. But it does not overcome the problem that this year […]

SCHAPPY — 13. January 2006, 11:33

All do cook with hot water…

Last time seaching the SAP Developer Network (SDN) and waiting for minutes for any matching result I decided to drink (at least) some cups of coffee. Coming back from the coffee kitchen I was just in time to see my monitor switching to my new search result. But whow – what a great result I’ve […]

SCHAPPY — 5. December 2005, 0:59

Investigation on NWDS

What’s the problem about the NetWeaver Developers Studio (NWDS) ? It is running Eclipse 2.1.2 and the CVS plugin is reasonable disabled by default. However, if you are not able use SAP’s own Design Time Repository (DTR) and you have to use CVS what will you do? One simple way is to use 3rd party […]

SCHAPPY — 5. November 2005, 4:23

Wallfahrt – Rückfahrt

Gut bewaffnet mit diversen Brezeln, die noch kurz vor dem Abschluss der Veranstaltung gereicht wurden, begann die Rückfahrt um halb fünf. „Auf der A6 ist eh nicht Stau“, so dass wir auch schon nach einigen Minuten wieder standen und uns an einem liegen gebliebenen LKW vorbei schlichen. Die Rückfahrt war an für sich unspektakulär, zwei […]

SCHAPPY — , 4:17

Wallfahrt – 2. Tag

Um halb acht war die Nacht auch schon vorbei. Nach dem Duschen ging es direkt zum ausgiebigen Frühstück und danach wurden auch schon die Sachen wieder zum Bus gebracht. Das Wetter war erstaunlich gut, Sonnenschein, 9 Grad – es sollte an diesem 4. November noch deutlich sommerlich wärmer werden. Das perfekte Wetter wurde von allen […]