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SCHAPPY — 12. August 2011, 15:05

[Solved] Repeated Character in Vmware remote console

Problem: When typing via an UMTS connection or bad remote line via remote console, it is even impossible to login since credentials will by cryptically repeated. A single key stroke results in multiple characters printed. Solution: Power off the virtual machine. Add the following line to the end of the machine’s VMX file. This specifies […]

SCHAPPY — 24. September 2008, 15:38

Red Hat + VMWare Converter + ESX Server

I got to migrate an existing Red Hat VM to an ESX Server. Keep in mind, VMWare’s converter is still beta. Some words about the migration. Once you start the migration wizard, ensure the following “Source Data” options: “Select volumes and resize to save or add space”. You must deselect the “Create separate disk for […]