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SCHAPPY — 3. September 2006, 2:26

XNA’s Not Acronymed.

Currently MS released an interesting framework for building games for personal computers and xbox systems simultanously. Masters of abbreviations are working hundreds of hours for getting XNA := XNA’s Not Acronymed as THE recursive abbreviation. — How has this invented, eh? — Not the Swiss! Since August, 30th the Game Studio Express Beta is available […]

SCHAPPY — , 1:33

No Strong Name!

Sometimes it is no good idea to translate error messages automatically! Within this category I’ve seen the following message building a large project solution: “No space left of device” means “Kein Weltraum links des Geräts” in German 🙂

SCHAPPY — 27. April 2006, 0:27

Keep sent items of MS Outlook private

Imagine the following scenario: MS Outlook with multiple mail accounts and additionally one MS Exchange server. Therefore, you know two options exist: On the one hand, prefer the MS Exchange server and hold all your mails there or on the other hand, keep your local personal folder for mail incoming. But if you only use […]